"Sunday GP consultation helped my son who was in pain"

Guy provides feedback on how Teladoc Health UK's services made a real difference to his son

Our HR partner mentioned the Virtual Healthcare services available to my family via our work scheme. She gave me a code and told me there was an app.

Within a week or two of that meeting, my son got ill with tonsillitis, and then, by the weekend, he was in a lot of pain. One of my son’s friends had tonsillitis a few months ago, but it wasn’t treated, and he ended up having to go to the hospital; it got pretty serious. So, I thought this was a perfect test for this new service because I needed to do something immediately.

I installed the Teladoc Health UK app, registered, and made the booking. A few minutes later, I received a phone call. My appointment was re-booked so that I could speak to a doctor within the hour, which was amazing.Sunday GP consultation helped my son who was in pain - Teladoc Health UK

Through the app, I could upload pictures of my son’s mouth so the doctor could see the problem. The doctor prescribed my son antibiotics during the consultation to treat the bacterial infection. We then received an email with the prescription. A local chemist was open on a Sunday, and they accepted the online prescription. This meant that we managed to get my son to take two antibiotic tablets before the end of the day. I was so pleased, and after a few days, he was much better.

I’m really pleased that I have access to this service. Everything worked very smoothly and quickly, and it meant that my son got better a week before he would have if we had used the traditional route, so we saved a week out of school. In addition, he didn’t have to experience further suffering – he was in a lot of pain.

I avoided taking time off work to take him to our local surgery. We just got everything sorted online and immediately and on a Sunday!”


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