"Reassuring GP has made a big difference"

Vivienne shares how Teladoc Health UK's Virtual GP services made a big difference

“Covid changed my life. I worked from home for two years in front of a computer and became socially isolated. I continued to work and became good at talking computers, but not so good at talking and engaging in other ways.

I’m in a different place than I was before Covid; even though there might have been flu, colds, and all sorts of things, I’m still a bit socially aware because Covid is still about, and I’m a certain age.

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid doctors as much as possible. I know they’re under a lot of pressure, so when I get to see the doctor, I make it as brief as possible but come away thinking I didn’t ask all the questions I should have asked, and the anxieties come to light.

I had listened to a patient association webinar in which they said I’m not alone in going to a doctor’s surgery and coming away not having asked the questions they wanted to ask or even in my mind before going. That was incredibly helpful because, by the time I got the appointment through with Teladoc Health UK, I had composed myself.

I was at home, in my own safe space, and that made a world of difference, plus the fact that the doctor took a holistic approach as I was a bit over-anxious. He listened carefully, picked up the relevant points, and helped me to explain the condition and take away some of the anxiety regarding the treatments.

“It’s about being listened to carefully, in my own home, being reassured, given advice and time. Thank you for providing such a great service.”

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