Smoking Cessation


Our Smoking Cessation service can massively boost the chances of your members, policyholders, and customers quitting for good. Our expert advisers provide a range of proven methods to help people quit. We provide accurate information, advice, and professional support.


Did you know? People are overall up to 3x more likely to stop smoking for good if they use a combination of stop-smoking treatment and receive support from our Smoking Cessation Service. 


The programme spans one calendar year.

It is recognised that weekly contact with a Smoking Cessation Advisor is extremely important so for this reason you can expect at least eight consultations with one of our advisors when you join our programme:

  • Once before quitting
  • Once on quit date
  • Once a week for at least 4 weeks after the quit date
  • Once at approx. 3-4 months smoke free
  • A final appointment when between 6-8 months smoke free.


The patient also has a dedicated team member’s email address which they can use to request support sooner, if needed.



"Hi, I'm Kate. I've been a qualified nurse for 18 years and working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner for the past 11 years. What can patients can expect from the Smoking Cessation service?
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Service Impact

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of patients remain smoke free at 3 months

Our team of registered nutritionists provides clarity and advice to empower people to achieve their goals. 

Key Features

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