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We are the world’s leading Virtual Healthcare provider with the largest global network of 50,000 medical professionals, including the UK. 

Teladoc Health UK leverages more than 35 years experience. We have over 5,000 staff including an in-house technical innovation team.

"The services delivered through our partnership have provided us with the fantastic opportunity to grow our business, increase retention, and bring innovations into our marketplace. In-depth data analysis also shows that the service improves people's health and delivers excellent clinical outcomes. We are really proud of this."

Dominic Howard
Director of Strategic Partnerships

For UK Companies

Dom enjoys creating long-term, impactful partnerships with insurers, financial service companies, affinity groups etc, who are interested in attracting and retaining more customers.

John McQuillan
Leader of UK & Global Divisions

For Global Companies

John works closely with global multisector clients to implement and further develop virtual healthcare solution strategies and services. He is passionate about achieving significant growth for clients whilst delivering excellent patient outcomes.

Nadia Smith
Head of Global Accounts
For Global Companies

Nadia is passionate about ensuring that we deliver market-leading account management services daily, building strong partnerships with our clients while delivering results.

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