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Emotional Wellbeing

Give your members, employees, or customers, 24/7 access to Teladoc myStrength – the app that supports improved emotional wellness. Topics include; managing stress and worry, improving sleep, managing chronic pain and more…

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“Now more so than ever, employers have a role to play in proactively supporting their employees in the workplace with their mental health - not just when a medical intervention is required, but with preventative measures to support their overall wellbeing too. “The myStrength app is just one of the many ways in which employers can help employees take positive steps to improve their quality of life. Whether it is gaining support for a better night's sleep, or finding moments of peace and quiet within a busy day, it can really help in improving the wellbeing of employees across the country.”

Deliver the Emotional Wellness Support 24/7 365

With tailored support for stress, poor sleep, and much more based on dedicated resources created by medical professionals.

No matter where your employees/customers or members are in their journey to better mind health, they can now get the personalised support they need when needed. Teladoc myStrength offers evidence-based support for many emotional challenges. 


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Personalised plan

customised to users’ preferences

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Real person guide

our guides are real people – ready to answer in-app questions

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In-the-moment tools 

practice techniques to help users calm down, become inspired and feel more hopeful

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24/7 access

available via our mobile app or via online browser

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