Virtual Physiotherapy

Our virtual Physiotherapy service offers quick, easy access to a highly qualified physiotherapist via a video link without needing a GP referral.

It’s easy to request an appointment via our app or portal, and with the completion of our pre-appointment questionnaire, the physio is well-informed about your concerns before their initial consultation. Importantly, this saves time, allowing us to focus on what is important during the first session.

Your members, employees, or customers will have access to expert advice using the most up-to-date guidance and evidence, with a clear rehabilitation plan based on individual needs.

Virtual Physiotherapy - Teladoc Health UK

Service Impact

of patients experienced a reduction in pain following their first follow up session
0 %


of patients report a significant reduction in anxiety and depression

MSK conditions were the second most common reason for working days lost for the last decade. That’s why our virtual Physiotherapy service is so important. We offer quick, easy access to a highly qualified Physiotherapist without needing a GP referral.

Reducing pain

Key Features

Services - Teladoc Health UK
No referral needed. No delay in starting treatment - assessment within 48 hours
Services - Teladoc Health UK
Treatment from the comfort of home or office
Services - Teladoc Health UK
Improve movement, reduce pain and stiffness
Services - Teladoc Health UK
Speed up the recovery process and achieve your goals
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Highly effective care for common musculoskeletal conditions.

How does it work?

  • Virtual Physiotherapy is highly effective for most common Musculoskeletal conditions
  • We use a clinical questionnaire unique to your presenting problem, followed by a thorough and holistic initial consultation to assess, diagnose, and begin a comprehensive treatment plan
  • Your Physiotherapist will work with you to determine your treatment plan, considering your goals and aspirations
  • A GP referral is not required to see one of our physiotherapists
  • If appropriate, access to an ongoing self-management plan to ensure people stay fit and healthy and prevent a reoccurrence of any problem

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