"Virtual Physiotherapy helped me regain mobility and be an active Dad"

A Teladoc Health member explains how he contacted our Virtual Physiotherapy service for help with lower back pain...

Name removed at patient’s request.


“I had been suffering from lower back pain for probably about a week before I reached out to the service, something that I had had episodes frequently over the last couple of years, and usually it lasted for only a couple of days. Unfortunately, it lasted longer than usual this time, and I thought it was time to try and speak to a physiotherapist to see if I could get some help.

Registering and booking a consultation was easy. I opened the app, hit the request physiotherapy appointment’ button, and had a list of therapists to choose from. I never knew there was an option to see the biographies and the professional expertise of the available physiotherapists, but I really liked this feature.  I could choose a therapist who seemed to have the right expertise for my condition and the availability that suited me. It was straightforward and helpful to have those extra bits of detail to help make a choice.

Setting therapy goals

My first appointment was within a couple of days, and I ended up having four sessions with Nicoletta, whom I can only speak incredibly positively about. It was fantastic that she wasn’t just treating the bad back but also understood what I wanted to achieve from the therapy. A big part of that was trying to resolve the pain, but the motivation was really about being an active dad for my 3-year-old, like picking her up and throwing her around at the swimming pool.

At the first session, we did quite an extensive deep dive into what was wrong and what I hoped to achieve. The therapist gathered all the relevant background medical information, and I was given access to some online exercises that she thought would be beneficial.

The benefit of online exercises

The online exercises app was handy because it allowed me to record my pain level and note how I felt, how those stretches impacted me, and how easy or difficult I found them. At the subsequent sessions, I had to feed that back to Nicoletta so that she could fine-tune her recommendations to strengthen my back and recover.

I’m still not completely pain-free, but I’m feeling much better now. It’s like night and day from where I was before I started the therapy. There were times when I struggled with basic mobility, like climbing the stairs, picking up and carrying my 3-year-old daughter, moving around the house, and doing some of the basic household duties.

Taking that first step and asking for help has given me added motivation; now, I swim regularly. Occasionally I still have discomfort, but now I understand what’s causing that pain, and I know what I can do about it throughout the day, like stretching or using a stand-up desk in the office.

Help for my wife

I am grateful that the service is also available to my wife; she has a history of musculoskeletal aches and pains and strains, too. Having rapid and straightforward access to a service that is very difficult to access via the NHS is something I strongly value.

I’ve learned from physiotherapy that my issues would only fix themselves by making fundamental changes within my lifestyle. Everyone occasionally has minor aches and pains, but we ignore them because we know how difficult it is to access physiotherapy through the public health system.

Understanding the value of having access to a fantastic team of physiotherapists and appointments available within 24 to 48 hours happens only when you start using the service, so I encourage everybody to utilise this benefit.”


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