"I felt really listened to by the GP"

Juliette Nelson tells how Teladoc Health's Virtual GP service made a difference...

'Amazing' GP diagnosed severe anaemia - Teladoc Health UK“I was feeling pretty awful and suffering from multiple medical issues. I tried, without success, to get a defined answer from my local GP practice. You feel as though you’re not being listened to at all, and there isn’t much understanding or empathy, so I thought I could try Teladoc Health.

The Teladoc health doctor was very, very nice and very helpful. He made me feel like I wasn’t going mad, calmed me down, and was thorough.

He suggested that I make a physio appointment for the nerve pinching in my neck and to have a second blood test. We talked about my medication options, too.

I highly recommend the service; it’s easy and worth calling to speak to somebody and get reassurance.”



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