"The GP reassurance I got was so important"

Jayne Smith tells her story of how Teladoc Health's Virtual GP service made a difference

The reassurance I got was so important - Teladoc Health UK“I had an injury eight weeks ago, and it had been progressively getting worse, so obviously, I was concerned.  I tried to get a local doctor’s appointment without any luck.

I had a few days in a lot of pain until I remembered the Virtual GP service provided by my employer. It was very straightforward to use. I just went onto the website and booked a consultation at a time that suited me.

I had a phone call with a very nice doctor who listened to me and asked lots of questions. She understood that I was in pain and advised me to take painkillers. She reassured me that although my symptoms had been getting worse, it wasn’t as serious as I was starting to wonder. And she also reassured me that I hadn’t done anything wrong to make it worse.

I had been seeing an osteopath, and she thought that was the right thing to do but suggested some physio might help. I have started physio treatment, which is starting to really help, and I am feeling better.

The Virtual GP service is excellent because it’s so easy to use and has really helped me. I would definitely use it again. It’s important to have a medical expert discuss an issue with you and give you advice and reassurance when needed.”

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