"I’m pain-free thanks to Virtual Physio"

Julia Brick talks about how our Virtual Physiotherapy service has helped her become pain-free

I'm pain-free thanks to Virtual Physio - Teladoc Health UKI’d had lower back pain for ages; it hurt during the day, and I couldn’t turn over in bed at night without pain. It was hurting to cough.

I had been seeing a chiropractor regularly, but it was quite expensive and only really helped me in the short term. After a few weeks of seeing the chiropractor, I was getting the pain back. I needed to find a long-term solution. I decided to use the Virtual Healthcare solution my employer provided, delivered by Teladoc Health UK.

It was easy to get going with my treatment (I didn’t need a GP referral), and I really liked the sessions. My physio, Ben, was so thorough. He learned about my day-to-day activities and my work desk setup. It was so useful to see what might be aggravating my back.

I was given stretches each week, and then we built on the stretches. I had access to videos to help guide me when doing the exercises at home. After regularly doing the stretches and building muscle strength, I found that the problem wasn’t returning.

My physio, Ben, was very knowledgeable and went above and beyond to help. When I mentioned my husband was having some difficulties with an injury, he sent me some stretches that my husband could do. So it is an excellent service.

Financially, I don’t need to spend money on the chiropractor, and now I know enough exercises to keep myself well. It’s wonderful to find a longer-term solution and be pain-free. I’m so delighted.



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