"An excellent experience – the GP really listened to me"

Leila shares her story.

“I was made aware of Teladoc Health by my employer so when I started experiencing shoulder pain I put up with it for a bit before deciding to see if Teladoc Health could help.

I requested a Virtual GP appointment, and then, on the same day, I got an email asking for my available dates or days to choose from. I was amazed because it was lightning fast.

During my consultation, the GP was very professional and understanding. That was a huge selling point for me, and I felt listened to. The GP gave me a referral to a physio, whom I’m currently seeing. So, I think the outcome was really good.

Without this service, I would have probably waited until it got a lot worse before seeing my local GP.”



We have changed the patient’s name to Leila as the patient wants to remain anonymous.

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