"Shoulder Pain | ‘Remarkable’ Service from GP"

 Leila* shares her experience of using our virtual GP service

“I had been experiencing shoulder pain for a while, thinking it would eventually go away, but it persisted. Concerned family and friends advised me to have it checked out. I reached out to Teladoc Health, where a virtual GP conducted a thorough assessment, reassuring me that it was likely nothing serious and recommended physiotherapy.

I found the service invaluable, as it promptly addressed my concerns and set things in motion. Impressed by my experience, I even considered whether the service could also benefit my partner in the future. The efficiency of the service stood out, as I swiftly booked an appointment and received date options on the same day, leaving me pleasantly surprised by the speed of response. The professionalism and empathy shown by the GP were remarkable, making me feel truly heard.”



*Please note the patient’s name has been changed.

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