"Unnecessary surgery avoided"

Aarna* shares her story of how our Second Medical Opinion service made a huge difference


'A lifeline' Unnecessary surgery avoided - Teladoc Health UK“I struggled with truly awful periods resulting in intense pain and fatigue, feeling incapacitated every week, and missing work frequently due to these issues. The long wait times to see my doctor, often over a month, led me to try Teladoc Health. The instant appointment availability made it a worthwhile choice for me.

I needed a second medical opinion as I felt stuck with my current treatment plan. My local doctors were focused on surgery as the solution, but I wanted to explore other options. Teladoc Health made it easy to schedule an appointment and the Second Medical Opinion GP took the time to understand my concerns and explain alternative treatments.

Having a complex medical history, I appreciated the GP’s detailed explanations and the discussion about managing my condition. They helped me understand my situation better, easing my anxiety and empowering me to discuss alternative treatments with my GP. This led to a more open-minded approach to my care, allowing me to regain control over my life.

Thanks to the consultation, I no longer have to plan my life around debilitating periods, gaining back time, energy, and confidence. I have not taken a sick day since, preventing any work-related issues that could have arisen due to my health struggles. Teladoc Health’s intervention has truly transformed my life for the better.”



*patient’s name has been changed.


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