"Service has enabled my son to get surgery sooner"

Mum of young boy with curvature of the spine shares how our service has helped him.

A young boy with curvature of the spine (scoliosis) had been recommended by his spinal surgeon to have corrective surgery in 18 months. Our expert (Chief of Spinal Surgery, Baylor Medical College, Houston) was concerned that waiting 18 months would increase the surgical complication rate. He advised surgery as soon as possible and definitely within 6 months.

Feedback from mum: 

“We were told by our local hospital that we would need to wait 18 months for his op. After we had the Teladoc Health UK report, I sent it to the hospital and today we had a phone call to say that he had a pre op in 2 months and his op would not be long after that!! I cannot thank each and every one of you for all the time and care that you have given us, and you are the only ones that have thought about my son’s feelings. Thank you so much. Right from the first phone call I felt listened to, the help and support was amazing, and the Dr asked my son how he was feeling about things. That was the first time ever anyone had asked him! Being listened to is so important and this shows in the final report. I cannot thank the Dr that I have been talking to enough.”


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