"Within half an hour a GP had phoned and spoken to my daughter"

Ste provides feedback on how Teladoc Health UK's services made a real difference to his daughter

Within half an hour a GP had phoned and spoken to my daughter - Teladoc Health UKTeladoc Health UK’s Virtual Healthcare services were mentioned in weekly team meetings, but I never registered. Then, my daughter was ill. She’d been a bit under the weather for a couple of days, and then we noticed her tonsils were all inflamed, so we knew she had tonsillitis.

She needed antibiotics, so we tried to phone our local GP, but it would be just over three weeks before we could get an appointment. They suggested trying the local walk-in centre, but they said the next time they could see us was four to five days. That’s when I remembered about Teledoc Health.

I literally just uploaded a couple of photographs of my daughter’s tonsils and then booked an online consultation. I think it was within half an hour that a doctor phoned and spoke to my daughter. He gave her an online prescription, and we had the antibiotics within an hour.

She got seen much quicker than she would have normally, and her recovery was quicker, so she took less time off school. It also saved me from taking time off to take her to the doctor.

I strongly recommend the service. I was surprised by how fast and easy it was to use.”

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