"I’m absolutely over the moon that I have this GP service"

Georgia Gill provides feedback on how Teladoc Health UK's services made a real difference to her son

I'm absolutely over the moon that I have this GP service - Teladoc Health UK“I have had life insurance for the last three years, and one of the perks is access to Teladoc Health UK’s Virtual Healthcare services.

“My son Archie suddenly developed a limp one Friday, and then on the Saturday, it had become worse. I was worried, so I booked a GP appointment via the app for the next day. I had a call within half an hour, saying a doctor would be calling me within the hour because of the circumstances. I actually got a call within half an hour, which was brilliant.

The doctor advised us to go to the A&E department straight away. I downloaded his consultation notes from the app and showed them to the A&E nurse. They then did an X-ray and took blood tests. It turns out Archie had fluid on his right leg, which we were told to monitor closely, but otherwise, his blood test was ok. We were so relieved.

If I hadn’t spoken to the Teladoc Health UK doctor, we would have been waiting in A&E for many hours, or I would have had to wait for the GP on Monday. Using Teladoc Health UK saved time and enabled us to get our son checked out quickly.

I’m absolutely over the moon that I have a service that I can rely on. Being a parent is daunting- illnesses crop up. I can go to the app and book a phone appointment with my GP whenever needed.

I really recommend it to everyone. It is a fantastic service. Extremely helpful.

All members of staff and the doctors, of course, have been brilliant, you know, even just for a bit of reassurance.”

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