"The quick response from Teladoc Health’s GP helped me get quicker treatment"

Rosie shares her experience of using our Virtual GP service for chronic stomach pain.

“I started experiencing stomach pain, which got worse during the night until I was in a lot of pain.I tried dialing 111 but was put into a long queue. Then I remembered I could access Teladoc Health’s virtual GP service through my work. I was desperate to speak to a medical professional and be reassured. The pain was unlike anything I had experienced ever before.

I clicked virtual GP on the Teladoc Health app on my phone. It asked me to register because I’ve never used it before, but that was quite simple. So I just did that; I had to put in a few details and share my ID. Then, there was just a form to fill out, saying what was wrong with me and asking a few questions.

After I submitted the form, I had a call within 10 minutes from a Teladoc Health doctor. It was very fast. The doctor asked further questions, and she explained that I shouldn’t still be feeling how I felt and that I needed to be seen by a doctor that evening. She advised me to go straight to an urgent care centre or to A&E. I tried an urgent care centre, but it was full. So, I drove myself to A&E.

I showed the consultation notes from my Teladoc Health UK consultation to the A&E doctor, who said they were very helpful. I was admitted to the hospital straight away and put on a surgical ward. I was given painkillers and antibiotics. Within 24 hours, I was in surgery, having my appendix taken out.

I’ve already told lots of people how good Teladoc Health UK is. I found Virtual GP a super efficient and simple service.  I’m grateful for the service.”


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