"So impressed with this easy to use service"

Sophie Jones shares her experience using our Virtual GP service for her 3-year-old son with ear pain

So impressed with this easy to use service - Teladoc Health UK“One Saturday, my son woke up in pain with an ear infection. He was crying and saying, “Help me, help me” because he didn’t understand what was wrong. We knew we needed to get antibiotics as soon as possible. Where we live here, it’s more challenging to go and see someone out-of-hours. On a previous occasion, I had called NHS 111. It took 111 seven hours to call me back, which was stressful. They directed me to a clinic over an hour away.

This time, I decided to use Teladoc Health UK, which my employer had recently made available. I logged my request via the app, and the doctor called me in less than 5 minutes. It was so quick!

The doctor went through my son’s symptoms and offered me the option of a prescription over the phone, which I was grateful for. So, in less than 10 minutes of requesting a call, I had the e-prescription. I sent my husband to go out and get the medicine from the pharmacy.

I think if I had gone to the NHS clinic, I would have had to travel over an hour to the out-of-hours surgery with a very upset 3-year-old. 

I’m so impressed with Teladoc Health UK. The app is easy to use; the doctor called me quickly, and I received the prescription by email. When you have an unwell child, the hassle-free nature is great.”

Teladoc Health is now an essential service for us. It’s something I would consider if I ever thought about changing jobs. I really wouldn’t want to lose access to this fantastic service.”

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