"The Hospital Consultant’s advice has been invaluable. I’m very grateful to my employer."

Abigail shares her experience of using Teladoc Health UK's Second Medical Opinion service


“I was experiencing shortness of breath, dizziness, and palpitations. I was having circulatory problems and generally feeling very weak and unwell. My GP told me to go straight to A&E, who recommended an emergency referral to cardiology. It took five months for a cardiologist to even call me. The whole process with the NHS took 18 months, and then I didn’t get a diagnosis. The cardiologist didn’t tell me anything, which was really frustrating. I felt like the NHS was letting me down. They hadn’t given me the proper time and assessment that I needed. So, that’s why I decided to see if my health insurance through work could help. 

I called the Second Medical Opinion number, and the lady I spoke to was lovely and understanding. She set up an appointment for me. During the appointment, a Teladoc Health GP listened to me and helped guide me. Sometimes, you need to know what your questions are. I was asked to source my NHS information, which worried me, but it was much easier than I thought.

I uploaded my NHS information to the Teladoc Health secure platform. The Teladoc Health GP called and emailed to inform me that they had received the information. The GP then wrote up my case and selected a Second Medical Opinion Cardiologist to work on my case. I had the report back in less than two weeks – it was quick!

Instant Reassurance

The report was really detailed. The specialist had looked through everything. That was invaluable. It was great to have someone so qualified to help you; it just put me at ease. Having the report has helped me not to worry –  worrying about your heart is a negative cycle because you give yourself anxiety.

My GP referred me back to the NHS cardiologist and shared the Teladoc Health UK clinical report with him, which states that I need to be seen face-to-face.

I am very grateful to my employer and Teladoc Health UK. The service is invaluable, unlike anything I would usually have access to. Overall, it’s fantastic.”


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