"“I was experiencing awful symptoms. Teladoc Health has had a huge impact on my recovery.”"

Andy Cruickshank shares his experience working with Teladoc Health's Mental Health team.

"I was experiencing awful PTSD symptoms. Teladoc Health has had a huge impact on my recovery." - Teladoc Health UKThe most challenging part for me was recognising that I had an issue and having the courage to reach out for help. Being ex-forces, we tend to shrug off emotional issues and think that it doesn’t happen to us”


I’ve been with my employer for a long time, so I talked to HR about how I felt. They suggested that I access Teladoc Health UK via my employee benefits programme. My employer has a very strong mental health and wellbeing culture within the company; it was comforting I had a straightforward and confidential service to assist with my problem. From the very first Teladoc Health session, I felt improvement. The session was structured and flowed throughout for me, which was a big help. With my therapist, we agreed on our goals and what we wanted to achieve at the onset of our sessions to try and help with my problems coping with everyday life, which I was struggling with internally.


Coping Tools

The clinician was very good. And I found it easier to talk to somebody I didn’t know personally. I went through the sessions, and the information I got back in each session was a great help. I tried the different coping exercises suggested when I started getting triggers or flashbacks. I’m confident that I can try other things and think differently now. This treatment has improved my everyday life. What I was going through was sporadic, so I never knew when it would happen.

A New Outlook

My experience has made me look at mental health awareness differently now and really sympathise with anyone going through mental health issues in their everyday life. Our company has over 5,000 employees. I know that many people within that 5,000 will go through mental health issues at some point in their lives.

Honest Feedback

I’m usually cynical about testimonials, but I have changed my mind. And this is truly my honest feedback. I hope that sharing my experience can help others to come forward when they have mental health problems or issues; taking the first step and getting help can make a huge difference, as it did for me.

Teladoc Health’s Mental Health service is superb. If I hadn’t used the service, I think I would have been on a different, harrowing path with the worry of symptoms becoming severe in the future and what this would mean for my wellbeing, as well as others close to me, who ultimately suffer consequently.


“I highly recommend Teladoc Health UK to friends, family, and colleagues. Everybody needs somewhere to reach out to. The clinicians are very empathetic and professional.”


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