"It felt to me like a second lease of life."

“Once I was feeling better, it felt like a second lease of life. I felt my energy returning and went back to normal.”


Abraham Meulenberg can live well again, thanks to the Second Medical Opinion and Virtual GP services.


“I’ve been insured with an international private medical insurer for about 17 years. I was scrolling the website and came across the Second Medical Opinion Service delivered by Teladoc Health UK. I have seen it on there before but hadn’t previously given it much attention. This was until the time came for me to have a serious operation, and I was discussing my options for operations with my Urologist here in Singapore. He highlighted all the pros and cons of various procedures – five or six in total and told me that he considered the TURP procedure the most suitable option. At this point, I decided to turn to the Second Medical Opinion service to see what their experts might suggest.


When I told my current urologist I was going to get a second medical opinion, he said immediately ‘yes, please do’.


A week after approaching Teladoc Health, my case manager, Dr Vikram Shee, contacted me. Post-operative care was given by Dr Sudeshna Ganguly, who was brilliant. I was also very impressed by the expert himself – Doctor Jerome Richie, Chief of Urology Emeritus at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Dr Richie agreed with the course of action suggested by my current urologist. He answered my additional queries, which put me at ease and made me happy. The fact that a prominent expert gave the opinion gave me a lot of peace of mind. I then felt assured and ready to go ahead with the surgery.

After a month of recovery, I wanted to visit Spain to see my family. Before I travelled, I had a urine sample taken. Once I was overseas, I received the results, which showed that apparently, I had a urinary tract infection of a very rare kind; together with the advice of the urologist, I claimed further assistance from AXA and went to find an infectious disease specialist in Marbella, who treated me with antibiotics.

Once I was feeling better, it felt to me like a second lease on life. I felt my energy returning and went back to normal. I cooked again and accepted invitations for lunches for dinner. I could start playing golf again. I could start cycling again. And swimming again.

I’m very happy to have access to Teladoc Health’s Second Medical Opinion and Virtual GP services through my insurance. Especially because I’ve heard from friends who have had different experiences with other insurers.”

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