"Breaking through that fear has changed my life. I’m now back at work."

"My biggest fear was addressing my issues; breaking through that fear has changed my life. I'm now back at work."

“My anxiety was terrible, and I was having panic attacks, preventing me from being able to work. Initially, I tried my NHS GP, but the waiting list was unacceptably long.

My employer suggested that I use my employee benefit. Once I downloaded the app, I chose the Mental Health support service and completed a questionnaire.

I had four sessions with Emily, and we focused on different things during each one. She gave me various exercises between sessions, challenging and questioning some of my beliefs; they helped me realise they were not right. Every week, I felt that my anxiety was disappearing.

Comfort and relief

Previously, I had spent a long time talking about my problems with friends and family, and it was nice, but this time it was different. Being able to speak to somebody openly without repercussions or judgment or them trying to fix me was a great comfort and relief. Emily listened to what I had to say and then asked why I did what I did, getting to the root cause of the problem, questioning it, and challenging me to change.

The importance of exercises

The work Emily gave me in between sessions was very useful as it gave me time to reflect on our conversations and practice coping techniques. Every week, the anxiety started to lift more and more.  I found myself again. I realised that my biggest fear was addressing my issues, and having to break through that fear has changed my life.

I realised that my biggest fear was addressing my issues, and having to break through that fear has changed my life.

The MH service support is fantastic; I recommend it to all my colleagues. A company can quickly get their staff back to work and feel good again, giving employees a feeling of safety.

Always ask for help

It was a scary step to reach out for help, but the therapy worked wonders now that mental health issues still have a bit of stigma around them, and people don’t ask for help or think their problems are serious enough. There should be no difference between asking for help when having a cold or getting support for mental health problems. My message to all people out there is: don’t be embarrassed to access the Mental Health service; it will only help you to feel better. Your brain’s part of your body; if it needs help, give it to it.

I am so glad this service was available to me.”

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