"Sleep deprivation was affecting my Mental Health"

Martin O'Maley, talks about how Teladoc Health Mental Health therapy improved his quality of life

“I learned about this service from my manager, but our employee handbook mentions it, too. Signing into our work profile gives us access to Virtual GP, Nutrition, and the  Mental Health Service.

I started looking into using this employee benefit when I was ill a couple of months back, technically bedridden for at least a week, unable to get out of bed. I could not go to sleep, and when I eventually got to sleep, I could not wake up properly. It took me a week to get over that, and I never felt anything like that. . I had a similar illness at the beginning of the year too, which lasted for nearly three weeks. As it seemed like a physical illness, I booked a consultation with a Teladoc Health GP.

The doctor believed I was also under a bit of stress, so she referred me to a Teladoc Health psychologist to see if there was anything they could help with.

I am glad she did, as it helped me learn about myself and see things I’d been ignoring. My therapist, Ross, helped me notice these things and helped me learn how to combat something that might make me stressed.

Another big advantage of the therapy was that I identified potential ways to improve my sleeping pattern and daily routine. Previously, when I got home from work, I just went straight to bed and did not wake up till the next morning without eating anything. I used to wake up feeling horrible and hungry and then go straight to work, so I ate and snacked a lot throughout the day, which isn’t healthy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy helped me to introduce routine in my life. I usually don’t eat breakfast, but now I’ll have lunch, dinner, and some snacks.

I now go to bed at around 10 p.m. and wake up at 6 a.m. daily for my new sleeping routine. Sleeping more regularly and eating a more balanced diet has helped to improve my quality of life. Having this employee benefit makes me feel valued and that I am being looked after.”


“The Mental Help therapy helped me learn more about myself and build a daily routine that has improved my sleeping pattern and eating habits.”


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