"This service turned me from a diabetic into someone no longer at risk"

Sarah West, Head of Nutrition, talks through a recent patient case study.

“The patient presented with newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus type 2 (T2DM), as he was feeling concerned about what to eat to help manage the condition. No detailed dietary guidance had been provided at diagnosis by his local GP, but he had been prescribed metformin. Our pre-consultation questionnaire revealed regular consumption of sweets, ready meals, and other convenience foods and takeaways leading up to diagnosis. His diet was low in protein but high in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

He was doing a lot of physical activity but admitted to being unsure how to eat to support this, particularly with his new diagnosis. He was also following a gluten-free diet in the hope of seeing improvements (despite having no coeliac diagnosis or evidence of intolerance).

Plan: The Nutritionist consulted with the patient, reviewing his history and diet diary before the call. The Nutritionist took time to emphasise the benefit of weight loss and exercise with the goal of full T2DM remission but also discussed the role of diabetes symptom management (achieved via more balanced meals and switching carb sources). Practical support was provided around increasing the consumption of filling but less calorie-dense foods, high in fibre and protein, to increase satiety (versus refined carbohydrates alone).

We suggested that he switch from gluten-free products (often highly refined and processed) to wholegrain carbohydrates. The mindset around dieting was also discussed, as the patient was prone to emotional eating and starting and stopping diets. The patient was given strategies and support to help ensure that any changes were sustainable and not seen as a quick fix. Regular follow-up appointments were suggested to help keep the patient on track. 

Outcome: The patient was highly receptive and welcomed the advice given. The patient spoke to the same Nutritionist monthly for five months. His most recent consultation revealed that he would soon achieve T2DM remission.”

Patient comment: ‘My assigned Nutritionist has been a source of hope, encouragement, and inspiration with all things nutrition and beyond since my diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes five months ago, with first-class nutrition plans and in-depth reviews regularly. On a personal note, I will miss his considered support and our conversations very much. I cannot speak highly enough of the Teladoc Health service provided.’


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