"How Virtual Physio helped a deaf runner get race fit"

Teladoc Health Physiotherapist, Nicoleta, shares how she recently helped a patient get race fit for a marathon.

“The patient had been experiencing intermittent creaking in his right Achilles for three days. He had visited a minor injury centre, where he was advised he would benefit from Physiotherapy. 

He then decided to make contact with us, and we arranged a virtual physio consultation with a British Sign Language translator so we could match our patient’s communication needs as he is profoundly deaf. 

The patient explained that he is a new runner and has been following a marathon training plan for about a month.

The patient had progressed to a 12k running distance, which he was pleased with, but he was anxious about continuing, given his new symptoms, which he had never experienced before. He wanted support to run his first marathon.

We had remote sessions with the British Sign Language translator, and following a detailed history taking, we identified that his current symptoms had started the following day after the longest run from his current running plan.

We could video assess his movements and identify a few deficits that could have also contributed to these symptoms. We discussed a plan to improve his foot stability alongside a progressive exercise program to increase Achilles tendon resilience.

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In the end, I reassured him that his symptoms were prevalent and that this was not causing any damage. Given the recent increase in activity levels, I’ve explained this is likely a sign of irritation and tendon overload, which should settle with adequate management.

We then adapted his training program through a few remote sessions and prescribed a rehab program to address his specific needs. The patient felt reassured and is still preparing for his first marathon.”

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