"With a young family, we use the Virtual GP service a lot. It’s a real-time saver and so convenient"

Reza Hamidi, a busy dad of two toddlers, talks about how our Virtual GP service has helped his family.

“We use the Virtual GP service a lot. It’s a real time saver and so convenient.”


“With two toddlers going to nursery and daycare, my family uses the Virtual GP service weekly, sometimes daily. It’s so convenient and a real-time saver and video appointments are available within 48 hours, 24/7. I have even arranged a call while queuing in the supermarket!

My children go to the nursery from Monday to Thursday; they are typically fine on Friday and Saturday, and suddenly, they wake up with a fever on Sunday. Without the Virtual GP service, we would need to take a day off or emergency leave on Monday, then try to take them to A&E and spend the night there or try to reach our NHS GP, which is very difficult.

Easy to get appointments and ask questions

The Teladoc Health Virtual GP service is always available for appointments and follow-up questions if I forget to ask something during the consultation.

My son developed symptoms with itchy and swollen eyes and a runny nose. A virtual GP suggested that it sounded like hay fever or seasonal allergy. They provided me with a referral letter and a list of possible medications so I could ask my NHS GP to prescribe what was needed later. Our NHS GP was pleased about this as this took the pressure off them having to investigate.

Expert urgent help early in the morning

We used the service again because my younger son developed a high fever, gradually progressing to a high temperature. My wife was going on a work trip to Germany on Monday morning, leaving at 3 a.m., so I was there like a single dad without help. I had to work in the morning with a sick child to look after and another one to take to the nursery. I decided to make an appointment with the virtual GP at around 2:45 am.

The triage doctor called me, asked questions, and did observations with me. He suspected tonsillitis but could not prescribe antibiotics as my son needed a physical examination. He still reassured me and confirmed that we didn’t need to go to the A&E then; I could wait for the NHS GP in the morning to open and get him to be seen. This triage filtering was useful and comforting, knowing there was nothing to worry about. It also saved me from spending the night at the hospital with two toddlers!”

This is an invaluable service that people need to be more aware of. You can talk with a qualified GP: they can answer your questions, reduce your worries, and prescribe medication you can collect from the nearest pharmacy. All within a few hours – priceless.”





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