"Quick diagnosis and prescription made a big difference"

Paul shares his experience of using our Virtual GP service for a persistent cough.

“I was really struggling with a cough. I remembered a colleague recommending the Teladoc Health service, so I decided to give them a call.

After some initial questions, I was booked in for a call from a doctor. The doctor called me shortly after. He asked me some more questions and went through my symptoms. We then changed to a video call so the doctor could see me.

He asked me key questions to work out what was triggering my cough. He advised it was noncontagious bronchitis due to the cold weather. He prescribed antibiotics and signposted the next steps if it didn’t improve.

I’m really pleased I used this service because it meant I had a prescription within 2/3 hours of starting the process.

It was a very positive experience. The doctor was friendly, professional, and very genuine. I’m very pleased we’ve got this benefit through work. I recommend that everyone registers for the service now. Without it, I would have waited to see my GP, which probably would have gotten worse.”

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