"“Amazing diagnostic skills” were probably lifesaving"

We share a recent case where a Teladoc Health GP's diagnosis may well have saved the patient’s life.

The patient wishes to remain anonymous.


The patient came into our service reporting breathlessness. The responding GP took a detailed history and diagnosed a suspected pulmonary embolism (when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the lungs). It can be life-threatening if not treated quickly. The GP asked the patient to attend A&E as soon as possible and provided consultation notes for the patient to take with them to the hospital. 


Patient statement

I just wanted to thank your GP for advising me to go to A &E after my consultation. As they suspected, I have been diagnosed with blood clots in both lungs. I cannot thank them enough for their amazing diagnostic skills.


 It was only because I had the Teladoc Health consultation notes that A & E did a D-dimer blood test. It is such a relief for me to know what is causing my breathlessness finally and to be able to have treatment. Fantastic service.”

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