"I can enjoy eating again after using the Second Medical Opinion service"

Ian Digby can now enjoy eating again, thanks to advice given in an expert report from the Second Medical Opinion Service. Here he tells his story…

I can enjoy eating again after using the Second Medical Opinion service - Teladoc Health UK

“A couple of years ago, I had a condition that manifested itself in gluten intolerance. I went for a series of tests with my NHS GP. Unfortunately, the tests were inconclusive, so I stuck to a gluten-free diet as a precautionary measure.

Eating gluten-free is tiresome and expensive; there are many things you can’t have. I decided to use the second medical opinion service available through my employer. I filled in a request for a consultation online, then I was given an initial appointment with a doctor within a week. I also had to request my medical records from my GP, and they went straight to the Second Medical Opinion team.


Expert review of medical records

Dr Sheikh, who handled my case, reviewed everything and sent them to a specialist. Within two weeks, the second medical opinion expert provided a comprehensive report. The primary outcome was that I should continue with the gluten-free diet.

After receiving the report, I discussed it with my NHS GP, and they were very happy that all of this had been done. They were under a lot of pressure and would not have time for this. They have considered all the information and recommendations from the report and suggested carrying on the gluten-free diet with occasional ‘guilty’ treats so I can enjoy food a bit more.


The expert report has given me a lot more certainty about my condition and has removed the doubt about whether I should ever eat gluten. 

Knowing that the Second Medical Opinion service is available to my wife is also a great relief. I was very impressed with this quick, efficient, and professional service. My case manager, Dr Sheikh, was very knowledgeable and had an excellent manner.”



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