"Thanks to the Virtual GP service, I did not have to take time off work or miss my holiday"

Nikolaos Kirkineziadis shares his story of using our Virtual GP service…


“My symptoms started with sinusitis, and after being unable to get an appointment with my NHS GP it progressed to bronchitis, too.

I have been working for an airline company as a cabin crew member for two years, and part of the company benefit package is access to Teladoc Health’s Virtual GP service. This was the first time that I needed to see a GP since I work with them, I couldn’t reach my NHS GP for two weeks, so I thought why not?

I downloaded the app, registered, and verified my ID. This took me about five minutes, which is impressively fast. I was very surprised that I could even find appointments for the same day, so I did not hesitate to book.

The GP called me at the chosen time, I explained my symptoms, and he suggested that I needed to take some antibiotics. He prescribed the medication to me electronically so I could pick it up from a local pharmacy immediately. It has worked well, and I am feeling much better now.

Thanks to the virtual GP service, I did not have to take time off work as I cannot fly and travel when I am ill. Being on sick leave would have affected my wage and standard of living as I would have received a lower salary.  Most probably, my holiday in Greece would have been cancelled, too. That would have been very upsetting as I had been waiting all summer for these 15 days off to spend time with my family.

I feel more relaxed knowing that there is this service I can use when I need medical help, even on holiday. This is a fast, effective, and accessible service. Highly recommended!”






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