"My young sons were saved from attending A&E thanks to this efficient 24/7 service"

Mum of two, Elizabeth provides feedback on how Teladoc Health's services made a difference to her family

“I became aware of the Virtual GP service through a work colleague. She explained that while they were on holiday, her son had a nasty ear infection, and Teladoc Health was able to support her. She was so positive about her experience. We have access to Teladoc Health via our employer.

Both my young boys had been unwell for a couple of days. Then, on a Saturday, they appeared a lot worse. I thought, what are my options? I am a lone parent, plus I find it challenging to get appointments at my doctor’s, and it was the weekend, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to access my local surgery. So, I downloaded the Teladoc Health app, and then I made a consultation request through the app for both of my children.

The next available appointment was at half past midnight, so I booked that. But a doctor called me within the hour of making the appointment (around 7.30 pm). The doctor was very helpful and understanding; she knew the children were young and needed to go to bed. We were able to talk through everything while they were still awake.

Everything was just so efficient. Following the consultation, I was sent prescriptions for both children. It was so quick – such an excellent service.

If I’d waited until Monday to get GP advice, I think their condition would have worsened, and then I may have needed to take both boys to emergency care or A&E. I’m so grateful that I avoided that.

Highly valued benefit

I work for the police, so this service is perfect. If I finish a shift at 10 pm at night and am unwell or my children are unwell, I know I can speak to a qualified doctor and also get a prescription if needed.

I have been telling lots of people about the service. It’s like your own personal medical service 24/7. Teladoc Health staff are kind and highly knowledgeable, which is reassuring.”

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