"The nutrition consultation has changed my mindset about healthy living."

Ahmed shares this story

“I had a health scare this year, and it occurred to me that if I had a serious illness, I would have been in a terrible state physically to have treatment and recover.

This gave me a kick to do something about my health. My manager flagged up that we have access to nutrition consultations from Teladoc Health, and I thought I’d try as I had problems with eating before, and speaking to a nutritionist could be helpful. I booked in and got to choose a time for the consultation. I Googled the nutritionist and found that he was a sportsman and a coach, which I found very encouraging.

When he called, we started chatting about my diet and health history. We barely talked about food, which was a relief. If you get to a certain degree of weight, you are usually told to eat less and move more. I’ve heard this many times before since my first diet when I was 20, so I know all this stuff, and I didn’t want to hear it again. We discussed mindset and the importance of things outside of work with Charlie. We discussed using creativity to replace overeating, which is an interesting concept.

We also talked about exercise but not as a way of losing weight, as I always looked at it. I usually went to the gym but did not lose weight, so I stopped returning because I was disappointed. We focused on exercising for my mental well-being, especially as I work four days a week inside the house. We also changed the purpose from weight loss to being fitter and stronger.

We also discussed martial arts, which I had not done since university. Chatting made me think about it again, but I did not think I was ready. Charlie then said: ‘’ You’ll be ready sooner than you think.’’ That got the cogs turning, and I joined the gym when I got off the phone. I went for my induction and did some chest and leg presses, which was an amazing feeling.

A lot of people in the UK are overweight and have a difficult relationship with food. Consulting with someone very positive and friendly, who knows what they’re talking about, is great. I would recommend this service to everybody.”


Patient statement:

The nutritionist made me look at things in a positive way and gave me the kick I needed to join the gym.

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