"Virtual GP referral gave me speedy access to a consultant"

Cameron McKay explains how Teladoc Health's services made a difference...

“I pulled my back about two months ago. It was impacting the sciatica nerve on the right side, which was really painful. It was tough to concentrate at work, and I had to give up football. I needed specialist help, so I contacted my private medical insurance. Before they could help me, they needed a GP referral letter.

I had been struggling to get an appointment at my local surgery anyway, so I used Teladoc Health’s Virtual GP service to see if I could get a referral that way. I had a video consultation to show the Teladoc Health GP how things were for me physically. He was very understanding and agreed I needed a specialist review. I could download his referral letter via the Teladoc Health app within about 10 minutes of having the appointment. It was quick and very efficient.

I have since seen a consultant, had an MRI scan, and now have new, more potent anti-inflammatory medicine. My day-to-day pains have gone, which is good.

I’ve had great service from Teladoc Health, which is an important employee benefit. It gives you peace of mind, especially when you are in pain. After all, your health is so important.”

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