"‘A lifeline’ Unnecessary surgery avoided"

A Teladoc Health member explains how he contacted the the service for help and how he avoided unnecessary life-impacting surgery...

“I had one of the best experts from Harvard Medical School review my medical records and provide me with guidance to help me decide on how to proceed with my treatment and what was best for me.”

“Prior to contacting Teladoc Health to use the Expert Second Medical Opinion, Best Doctors service, I had been struggling to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, as I had two different opinions from two different NHS consultants, both contradicting each other. I was supposed to make the decision whether to go through a major operation to remove half of my pancreas, which would have led me to have further serious lifelong health issues, affecting the quality of my everyday life.

One of my friends at work, who had used Best Doctors before as part of our work benefits, suggested I get a further independent opinion from them. He had a very positive experience with the team and the experts and encouraged me to try. I contacted them, and from the beginning, things went quickly, from the initial consultation to collecting my medical records.

Once we had all the reports and scans, they went for a review by one of the world-renowned experts in the US, whose name was familiar to me as I had read some of his research to find out more about my symptoms before I even knew about this service.

The expert reviewed all my notes and scans and gave me a very thorough report that helped me to make the decision of not going for the major operation, and he also provided me with the reassurance that my condition is manageable and only needs to be monitored closely by my NHS doctors at the current stage.”

Patient statement:

“Having Best Doctors on my insurance policy is a lifeline, a benefit that allows me to have second medical opinions from experts who I would never have access to otherwise.”

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