"A “life-changing” second medical opinion"

AJ. Teladoc policy holder talks about how using the Teladoc Health service made a huge difference. 

“The Expert Second Medical Opinion service brings world-class care to those who could never afford to pay for such specialist advice. I am grateful for everybody who was involved in my journey to utilise this amazing service.”

“I have been suffering from chronic migraines since the age of 14, and they have had a huge impact on my life to the point where they were affecting my work, personal life, and well-being. I did not feel the NHS was giving me sufficient answers, and there were long waiting lists for further investigations. The whole situation was very distressing.

I have Smart Health with Teladoc Health and read the information about Expert Second Medical Opinion (Best Doctors) in the welcome pack.

I was getting nowhere with the NHS, so I called Teladoc Health.  It impressed me how efficient and speedy the Expert Second Medical Opinion was. I got plenty of helpful advice on how to speed up the medical records request, and they even offered further support if I was stuck at any point. This finally encouraged my doctor to take me seriously, and I was able to get my MRI scans and my medical records urgently.

I received a comprehensive and in-depth report from a leading professor of Neurology based at the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital in the USA. My NHS doctor has taken all the suggestions on board, and now I have another Neurologist consultant involved in my treatment, so I am getting good holistic care.”

Patient statement:

‘’The fact that I can take the second opinion report with me for my follow-up appointment gives me re-assurance that all the available treatment options are reviewed and considered, including the ones from the USA, a country leading the migraine research field.’’

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