"Just four psychologist sessions really helped."

Anon Policy Holder tells her story of how Teladoc Health's services made a difference...

“ I got more from the 4 sessions with my psychologist than I did in 4 years of weekly therapy”.

“I booked my mental health sessions with Teladoc Health, and it was really professional, smooth, and easy to use. I got a phone call to discuss what I needed and organise the appointments. I was then sent a briefing note by email on what to expect, which was really great.

The communication from the customer service team was brilliant. They were nice, friendly and really warm, especially given the nature of what this is all about – anxiety and mental health.

My psychologist phoned me on time – he didn’t cancel and kept the session to the hour, which was great. This is very important for people with anxiety issues – timing, control, and no uncertainty, so I really appreciated it. My psychologist was absolutely brilliant – funny, understanding, and friendly, and gave me some extremely useful advice and support. He followed it up with further leaflets and information that I could read through afterward, which were really helpful.

It was an absolutely amazing experience; I got more from the four sessions with my Teladoc Health psychologist than I did in 4 years of weekly therapy.

Initially, I was so dubious, I wasn’t going to bother as I thought it was going to be a little bit like the NHS – you visit the doctor, and they give you a psychologist. It’s not great in my experience. But this was fantastic. I looked Michael up on the internet, and I thought, blimey, he’s like £100 an hour!

The service was really efficient, good quality, professional, friendly and seamless – just brilliant. I would recommend it to anybody. I’ve encouraged all my colleagues to use the service. It was well worth it – exceptional!”

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