"Mental Health Service prevented me from long-term sickness due to stress"

Policy holder, Charlotte, tells us how the Teladoc Health Mental Health Service prevented her from going on long-term sick leave

I had been going through a really difficult time with stress and it was getting to a point when I didn’t feel I could cope and I didn’t want to go down the route of medication, so I wanted to try something more natural.

I contacted your service via email and received a reply offering to have my initial consultation. During the first call I was asked a few questions about how I was feeling and I was offered therapy.

Sam, my counsellor, has definitely put certain aspects of my life into perspective, and she also helped me learn to say no to things a lot more-this is really, really good. She helped me unpack things that were worrying and upsetting me and taught me to see where my brain was just too clouded.

I really don’t like to be sick and I never wanted to get to the point where I thought I can’t get out of bed because of stress, so I reached out to your service. I was very adamant on making sure I was still able to function as I have a lot of responsibility at work and home, and I needed to have an even balance.

Having this service can help to stop people being sick and getting into a place where they feel they cannot cope. I think it’s fantastic and I recommend it to all my colleagues and also to my friends.

It’s a quick, easy to use, and personalised service. You don’t feel like another number, but like a person.

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