Insight | “72% of people have avoided taking time off work.”

The biggest problem in accessing health services in busy working lives is time. Having to take time off from work or arrange childcare means that many people put off getting care as soon as they get symptoms.

Telemedicine is different. In this article, we take a deeper dive to find out why.

Easy communication

Our data shows that 72% of people who use our services have avoided taking time off work. There are many ways to get advice with telemedicine, such as video calls, app messaging, and telephone calls.

The convenience of telemedicine enables people to feel confident about getting support for themselves and their families multiple times. This means treatment can be carried out before an issue gets worse. Reza, a father of two, says, “We use the service a lot. It’s so convenient.”


Symptoms don’t wait to occur only during 9-5. That’s why being open 24/7/365 works. Your people can book the next appointment and speak to an expert, even at night or on Christmas day!

Single parent and police officer Elizabeth was relieved after speaking to one of our GPs late at night: “Everything was just so efficient. Following the consultation, I was sent prescriptions for both children 

Thorough Holistic care

Our clinicians can also give people more than 10 minutes for their consultation so people feel heard and other issues can be uncovered. When one of our virtual GPs spoke to Martin, he quickly realized that Martin also needed mental health support to help him through a very stressful period at work:  “Sleep deprivation was affecting my mental health.”

Another referral from one of our GPs enabled our nutrition team to deliver support. The results were amazing and turned this patient from a diabetic diagnosis to someone no longer at risk.

Jenny wanted to ensure that the hospital diagnosis she had been given was correct. After talking to one of our GPs, she was referred to our Second Medical Opinion service: “Thank you for your time and effort in this matter. As a broker who promotes these kinds of services within healthcare plans, it’s lovely to use a positive personal experience as an example of how excellent this service is.”

We are proud that our data also confirms that 96% of people would recommend our services.

Next steps

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You can also read our patient outcome stats here.

Author: Laura Mackrory


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