Increase Growth for your Organisation While Helping People Lead Healthier Lives

In this article, our Director of Operations, Rebecca White, explains how virtual healthcare solutions help people lead healthier lives while increasing growth for organisations.

“Add-on” services enhance the value of a purchase. They are the extras that we upsell to customers, encouraging them to buy and stay loyal. Offering the most valuable service additions can add to your top line and provide an authentic opportunity to introduce a new service. 

We all have higher expectations of organisations and increasingly rely on trust to determine who we buy from. In our experience, people benefit profoundly when they use virtual healthcare add-on services. Not only do they receive private healthcare as a benefit on paper, which is enticing, they get the right care faster for themselves and their family. This, in turn, impacts very positively on your brand. Instead of telling your audience how great your brand is and how effective your products or services are, virtual healthcare users do it for you! 

In action  

Let’s take the example of a life insurance policy. If we add 24/7/365 access to a GP (by phone or video) as part of the policy, the offering becomes even more enticing, and customers will really value it. In fact, 96% of people recommend our services.  Some of our feedback; “Thanks to the Virtual GP service, I did not have to take time off work.“ “We use the GP service a lot. It’s a real time saver.” 

If you want a customer to buy life or travel insurance, say instead, “Are you finding it difficult to get GP advice for you and your family when you need it? If you take out this policy, you will get 24/7/365 access. They are even open on Christmas Day.”  

Or “Are you worried about rising NHS waiting lists and getting timely consultant advice? If you buy our policy, it comes with access to Second Medical Opinion, which gives you access to over 50,000 global medical experts. To date, 24% of people using this service have had a major change in diagnosis or treatment, and 20% have avoided planned surgery.” 

Higher CLVs 

Offering a highly valued add-on like Virtual Healthcare can encourage customers to purchase and repurchase what you offer. Every positive experience increases the likelihood of their return and extends the length of your relationship, creating a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

Customer Value = Average Value of Sale x Average Number of Transactions 

Customer Lifetime Value = Customer Value x Average Customer Lifespan 

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“Teladoc Health UK is the global leader in virtual telehealth care and has been our partner of choice for many years. They are the company behind our award-winning proposition, Smart Health. The services delivered through our partnership have provided us with the fantastic opportunity to grow our business, increase retention, and bring innovations into our marketplace. In-depth data analysis also shows that the service improves people’s health and delivers excellent clinical outcomes. We are really proud of this.”

Phil Willcock, CEO, AIG Life Limited









Author: Rebecca White, Director of Operations, Teladoc Health UK


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