"The Second Medical Opinion has given me hope for a pain-free future"

Policy Holder, Dorota Bureta, tells her story of how Teladoc Health's Second Medical Opinion service has given them hope.

“The Second Medical Opinion has changed the whole perspective and gave me hope for a pain-free future and new possible solutions to manage my condition.”

We have this insurance through my work, and we had the choice of basic or premium cover; the premium includes the Second Medical Opinion service. I immediately went for the premium because I knew it would be helpful for me.

Before using the Second Medical Opinion, I had been for a face-to-face appointment with a Neurologist, who had put me on daily medication. Still, the side effects were just very unpleasant and prevented me from getting any good night’s sleep. Then I started getting pain as well, so in my head, I just gave up; but then I thought that the Second Opinion could not do any harm.

I’m an analyst for a living, so I always analyse everything, and so after reviewing the service, I decided to give it a go.

I received the final report from Teladoc, and I read that my medication has side effects. The expert suggested another very similar one but with fewer side effects. So I emailed my Neurologist and asked about the swap. From what I’ve read and heard, this is something that I might do for a year, and if it helps, then I can stop taking it, and hopefully, the pain is not coming back.

My Neurologist also told me that the available surgeries are quite invasive, so he discouraged me from trying any of them. The Second Medical Opinion expert mentioned the option for gamma knife surgery. It doesn’t sound that bad, not even under full anaesthetics, so now I consider that an option if the new medication does not help. The expert also recommended an MRI scan; I’ve already received approval for that and will have it soon to see if anything else underlying could cause the pain.

I’ve been so hopeful since I read the report; I even translated it into Polish and sent it to my mum. When I received the report, I couldn’t believe it was 18 pages, I read every single page, and it was something new and fresh. It had further information I had never known before, like the medication without side effects or gamma knife surgery.

I’ve been praising the Second Medical Opinion team on a daily basis, and I keep recommending it to people.”

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