"First-class advice for excruciating stomach pains."

Karen H, Policy Holder, shares how Teladoc Health's service made a difference...

“I woke up with excruciating stomach pains.”

” I woke up early in the morning with excruciating stomach pains. I called my mum, who said that my symptoms didn’t sound right and that I needed to call a doctor. I was going to wait until my doctor’s surgery opened the next morning before doing anything about it, but my mum reminded me that I had Teladoc Health GP services on my insurance policy and advised me to use it. I didn’t want to take myself to a hospital. I’m a well and healthy person, so I never dreamt I could have something wrong with me. I genuinely thought it was trapped wind! I wouldn’t have visited Accident & Emergency if I had not been able to speak to the Teladoc Health GP. I would have sat on my sofa, hoping to tough it out.

The service I received from the Teladoc Health GP doctor was more than excellent, it was first-class. 30 minutes after calling the service, I was on my way to A&E.  That’s what you pay your money for. It was a no-brainer to use the service. I called the service and received a call back from a doctor within 30 minutes. After talking him through my symptoms, the doctor diagnosed three possible conditions and said I needed to go to A&E straight away. On arrival at A&E, I had blood tests and was immediately hooked up to an IV drip with antibiotics and painkillers and informed I might be operated on the next day. It turns out it was diverticulitis, one of the three potential conditions the Teladoc Health GP doctor diagnosed over the phone. I was kept in hospital for two nights and told that left untreated, it could have developed into an even more severe problem.”

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