Client Testimonial | Gayle Joyce, AXA


We’ve been working with AXA since 2018. Their services span across second medical opinion, GP, and mental Health (called Mind health service). Here, Gayle Joyce, Senior Provider Network Manager, details her experience with us. 



“I work for AXA Global Healthcare, and one of my main roles is the relationship manager between AXA and Teladoc Health.  


We decided to partner with Teladoc Health because they could service our global population. We have many different profiles within our customer base, but one of the main ones is this globally mobile expat population. And because Teladoc Health has regional offices, and global operations, they can service us in a multitude of languages. Also, the technology and digital capabilities they’ve got really help our population to be able to access those services easily.  


Having customers in many different countries means there are a multitude of different regulations to be aware of, and with the Teladoc services we have been able to tailor them in certain regions to make sure that we’re delivering compliant services to those customers.  


Our relationship with Teladoc Health is collaborative – the account management team are really responsive and great when we have any queries. And if we come across something that we would like to change, they are also good at finding a suitable solution for our customers 

We work with their team very closely on marketing campaigns, and they add expert medical advice and expertise to enhance communication campaigns. Additionally, they support us in terms of training our internal colleagues and doing presentations for our customers and intermediaries. 


We talk with them regularly – having catchups, and making sure that the service is working correctly, but then we also do work very closely with their clinical team as well. They support us with medical advice and talking to our customers and providing medical expertise when needed. 


Our customers can access three services through Teladoc Health – the virtual doctor service (tele and video consultations with a GP), the second medical opinion service (our customers to get an expert second opinion on their diagnosis or treatment plan), and mind health service, (our customers can have virtual psychology sessions)  


Our customers can access the services in a multitude of ways – via a portal, an app, and customers can contact Teladoc Health directly by phone, or they can call into AXA, and we can facilitate a referral. This multichannel access really does help support our globally mobile population, because they can contact Teladoc Health and use the services whenever or wherever they want. That was particularly true during the pandemic when medical facilities were closed and they couldn’t  get treatment face-to-face, so the virtual services were helping them get the benefit and value from their policy during that time.  


Interestingly, is that we saw a big spike in utilisation during the pandemic and that has not decreased, which shows that virtual services are the norm now and are expected and used heavily. 


Teladoc Health deliver services to our customers in 162 countries in 13 different languages, so it really is a service which supports the global nature of our clients.” 


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