"Stressed Mum of two helped by Mental Health Service"

Stressed Mum of two helped by Mental Health Service

Krystle kindly shares her story in this article.



‘I work full-time and have two young children, so my stress has increased. I’m very good at having multiple lists and things in my brain, and I can also get overwhelmed. I decided to try the virtual healthcare service provided to us through work to see if they could help me.

Setting up an appointment was really quick and easy. I answered a few questions via the app and had an initial phone call. I picked an appointment date and time that suited me and booked four sessions.

I had online face-to-face sessions every week for four weeks. It was very good. My therapist listened to me and was kind and empathic. They had lots of great ideas to help relieve my stress.

Because of our work together, I now delegate some tasks to my partner. The first time I did this, he did his list that weekend. So they’re all off my list and my mind, and he’s already completed them. It has helped my partner because he can see what’s on my mind rather than me constantly stressing.


Facing facts

I’m getting married next year, which was a big financial worry. My therapist taught me to simplify it, starting with “What’s your worst-case scenario?” once you look at that figure, you might go, ” Oh, that’s not bad, you know?” Then, you can have scenarios with that figure. Facing the facts stops my brain from panicking, looking at it before me, and going, “Right; let’s simplify this and make it more realistic” than my brain panicking. Also, my therapist had some excellent suggestions regarding my children.


Practical and helpful

The critical thing I learned from this therapy was someone reminding me that I can help myself by using tools regularly. I’ve done therapy before, but this therapy dealt more with my current stress and was far more practical and helpful. I’ve never dealt with it in that way before.

If this service had not been available, I would have had to pay for it, which would have caused me more stress. Alternatively, I would have tried to access my local talking therapy. I don’t know how helpful that would have been, and I’m not sure how long I would have had to wait.”


This service is very important because life can become overwhelming and busy. It is crucial to have that service there to help guide you and provide you with these tools.

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