"‘Immensely helpful and therapeutic’ Support for sleeping issues"

Rachel M, Policy Holder tells her story of how Teladoc Health's services made a difference...

“Deeply rooted feelings were getting worse and stopping me from sleeping.”

“I hadn’t used the (Teladoc Health) service before, so didn’t know what to expect. Accessing the mental health service was really very easy. I just had to upload some verification documents, briefly say why I wanted to use the service, and customer service came back straight away to offer me an appointment. Super quick!

I thought it was excellent, particularly If somebody is in a very anxious state. I contacted the service for help as I had suffered a bereavement a few years ago and I was suffering from deeply rooted feelings of guilt, which were getting worse and stopping me from sleeping.

The sessions with my (Teladoc Health) psychologist enabled me to talk about something I’ve never talked about before. Through gentle guidance, she gave me the space to talk freely, which actually led me to a path I hadn’t ever considered before.

She also gave me tools that I found immensely helpful and therapeutic, particularly targeted for my bereavement situation.

Speaking with a professional helped me look at things differently and made me realise that there were certain situations for which I wasn’t to blame, they were simply out of my control. I have recommended the service to my colleagues.”

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