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Our GP & Primary Care Physician services run 24/7, 365 days a year, delivering unrivalled access to medical and wellbeing consultations via video or telephone.  Perhaps most importantly, our doctors have the time to listen and focus on health needs, whether physical or mental health issues or preventative measures.

GP Consultations - Teladoc Health UK

Service Impact

Services - Teladoc Health UK
of patients stayed at home* after speaking to our GPs
0 %

*Had they not used our service 64% would have tried to get a face-to-face appointment and 11% would have gone to A & E.

Key Features

Services - Teladoc Health UK
Video or phone consultations
Services - Teladoc Health UK
Talk to a doctor from anywhere - video or phone
Services - Teladoc Health UK
Instant e-Prescription service and delivery, subject to location availability
Services - Teladoc Health UK
Easy referral by our doctors to our other services eg Mental Health, Nutrition and for Second Opinion

About the service

  • Flexible consultations via phone or video call with GPs – accessible from anywhere worldwide.
  • Doctors have immediate access to specialist Consultant Advice for dermatology avoiding unnecessary outpatient visits.
  • Doctors have immediate access to our Expert Medical Opinion service for a second opinion.
  • Easy referral by our doctors to our other services eg physio.
  • Sick notes are available for a maximum of two weeks if clinically appropriate.
  • Private referrals are issued where appropriate at no extra cost. As a private provider, we do not refer to NHS services.
  • E-Prescription service – delivery to a pharmacy, home, or work.

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