Long Covid Support

The combined physical and psychological effect of Long Covid has major implications for individuals and society as a whole.
So, what is Long Covid and who does it affect? what role can virtual healthcare solutions play to support recovery? Produced in association with Teesside University, Teladoc Health UK’s expert guide answers these questions and much more. The guide is designed to be read by leading organisations and their distributors working in life, health, accident, travel, and general insurance, as well as affinity groups, unions, banks, and the NHS.
Teladoc Health UK
Guide to Supporting Long Covid Recovery

Since the emergence of Covid 19 and the resulting pandemic swept across the globe, we have all been trying to come to terms with the lasting impact it had on individuals, families, communities, and societies. Not only did Covid have instant effects, but the unforeseen and persisting impact of Long Covid is now a reality for many people. Long Covid not only impacts individuals physically, but also psychologically, and is adding strain on already struggling healthcare systems.

Our Long Covid Guide

Long Covid - Teladoc Health UK

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