The UK Cost of Living Crisis: Tips to Safeguard Your Health

You’re not alone in thinking these past few years have been more stressful and draining than… ever?

The last part is up for contention. But there can be no question it’s been tough. The cost of living crisis that’s been sprung upon us hasn’t made it any easier. Whilst there is no quick fix, we must do all we can to look after ourselves so that we’re also able to support our loved ones in the months ahead. With this in mind, here are the topics we’ll cover in this article:

  • Why your health needs more attention in 2023
  • Warning signs that your mental and physical health may be at risk
  • Three pathways to protect your health during the UK cost of living crisis

Why your health needs more attention in 2023

Due to inflation, food, clothing, energy, and transport are set to become more expensive. The picture isn’t good right now. But we’re not emotionless robots. We can’t just shrug all of this off and get on with it like normal. The price rises may lead to a significant impact on our financial security and overall well-being.

That said, the game plan for Brits to navigate the UK cost of living crisis has to start with health.

Reason being?

  • If your health deteriorates, you may be unable to work and bring in a sufficient income to sustain yourself.
  • If you feel highly stressed or low in mood, it’s harder to make the right financial decisions for you and your family.
  • If your health is good, you may be able to consider taking on an additional part-time job (or “side hustle”) to give your finances a boost.
Warning signs that your mental and physical health may be at risk

recent survey from found that over 70% of respondents thought the health and well-being of UK citizens have declined during 2022. The pressures associated with the cost of living rise could trigger many potential health issues — too many to list in this article. However, there are a few common warning signs to watch out for:

1. Stress

Our bodies are wired to handle stress — to a point. We’re not invincible (unfortunately). Symptoms of stress for you to be aware of include:

  • Feeling tense or on edge
  • Faster heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Struggling to concentrate

2. Insomnia

Difficulty falling (or staying) asleep can be one of the most obvious clues that you’re stressed.

Many people have a disturbed night now and then. It’s more concerning when you have several nights of poor sleep, as a sufficient amount of shut-eye is arguably the most important factor in maintaining good health.

3. Mood swings

Find that you’re getting more snappy with people lately and regret it after? It’s understandable to feel angry about the present situation. But if you’re taking this out on colleagues, friends, or family, it can be helpful to speak with someone neutral so you can get the feelings off your chest.

4. Fatigue

Worked an extra shift? You’re going to be more tired the next day. Not slept well the night before? Similar outcome.

Persistent fatigue is not to be ignored, though. If it’s starting to affect your quality of life, ask your doctor to investigate other possible root causes.

5. Not looking after yourself as you usually would

Perhaps you’ve had to buy cheaper foods or stop gym membership during this inflationary period. These cost-cutting measures may be essential at the moment, but they can have a trickle-down effect on your health.

If you notice your weight has changed or you’re not looking after your appearance like usual, this could signify a low mood.

Please don’t be afraid to seek out therapy. You know your normal baseline more than anyone.

3 pathways to protect your health during the UK cost of living crisis

Are you experiencing any of the health warning signs listed above? Catch them early, and you can take action to resolve the problem.

Here are three options for you to access more support through Teladoc Health, depending on the health setbacks you’re facing:

  • Mental Health services, including burnout prevention, anxiety and depression support, a wellness app, and a 24/7 helpline
  • Nutrition and fitness services, including at-home nutrition consultations, healthy diet support, and a get-fit programme
  • 24/7 GP support, including virtual consultations and e-prescriptions to save you time and money spent on travel


Thank you for reading. The cost of living rises are set to stay for the foreseeable future, so please take steps to safeguard your health and well-being. It goes without saying, but each of us only has one body — we must look after it as best as we can!


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Author: Declan Davey, Health Writer


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