Supporting employees with virtual wellbeing services

Personal mental health and wellbeing has never been such a prevalent topic in the global news agenda. In light of recent events and revelations, it is becoming increasingly necessary for employers to consider individual employee needs in order to retain and support teams.

Why should businesses use virtual wellbeing services for employees?

Access to private healthcare is a work perk that will improve any job description. Especially now that we’re post-pandemic having healthcare, at a time and location that works for service user, has in recent years become a highly valued benefit by team members.

For managers, there are several key supportive features of providing virtual wellbeing services to staff members:
  • The global workforce:  In a world where international teams can now work from anywhere, virtual healthcare is not confined to the same traditional barriers of physical interaction. Employers can be sure that all teams, regardless of location, have access to and benefit from medical consultations.
  • Time savings:  In the UK, NHS users looking to book GP appointments can wait around two weeks, sometimes more. Virtual GP services through Teladoc can put patients in touch with doctors within two hours, saving time and offering more immediate solutions.
  • Employer cost savings:  Virtual doctor appointments typically assume less of your insurance benefit than an in-person consultation. In the UK alone, employers save on average £49 per appointment, with potential savings of £109 (average savings + doctor consult).
  • Employee retention:  Encouraging your employees to utilise wellbeing benefits that you have provided helps them to feel supported and valued. This in turn encourages employee retention, saving costs of having long-term sick staff, or replacing them entirely.
What kind of virtual wellbeing services are available to employees?

At Teladoc Health, we are proud to offer the following healthcare solutions for your employees and members:

  • Consultations:  Non-urgent phone or video consultations with doctors – consultations and e-prescriptions.
  • Mental Health Support:  24/7 Mental Health Helpline, Anxiety, Depression, and Bereavement Support, Burnout Prevention and Stress Management, Child Assessments & Parenting Consultations, Mental Health Consultations, and Teladoc myStrength Emotional Wellness App
  • Expert Second Medical Opinion Evaluation of non-urgent cases by our unrivalled network of over 500,000 world-leading medical experts in over 100 medical specialties. Brought to you by Teladoc Health, Best Doctors.
  • Nutrition and Fitness Services Designed and personalised by our specialist team – Nutrition Consultation service, Health Diet Support service, Get Fit Programme.


Perhaps most importantly, our doctors have the time to listen and focus on the health needs of your members, whether these are physical or mental health issues or preventative measures.

How do employees access virtual healthcare solutions?

Our virtual services run 24/7, 365 days a year, so you can give your members unrivalled access to medical and wellbeing support. Members choose video or telephone consultations and can request a female or male GP if they wish to do so.

Find out more about virtual wellbeing and healthcare solutions for your employees.  Get in touch with our experts to discuss how adding telemedicine to your employee benefits policy can boost staff morale and productivity.


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