Offering virtual physiotherapy to your teams is the new norm

With over 28 million lost working days each year owing to Musculoskeletal problems, it’s never been more important to be able to see a specialist Physiotherapist promptly. Delayed access to high quality physiotherapy can impact on an individual’s recovery.  Read on to find out about virtual physiotherapy as an option, from our Head of Physiotherapy, Will Kenton.


Historically, physiotherapy has been viewed as a ‘hands on’ in person healthcare profession. However, we know from the evidence that many common Musculoskeletal problems are very effectively assessed and managed via virtual telemedicine.

Getting started with virtual physiotherapy appointments 

Here at Teladoc, you can see one of our specialist Physiotherapists with just a few clicks of mouse, a quick call or a few taps on your smartphone using our app.

When you request a Physiotherapy consultation, whether by the app, portal or phone, you’ll be asked to complete a brief pre appointment questionnaire. This a short series of questions that helps us to understand the root of your issue, ensure your safety whilst ensuring we are best placed to help you in your recovery.

Meeting your virtual physiotherapist 

Once you’ve completed your pre-appointment questionnaire you’ll be promptly send a link via email and SMS inviting you to book your initial consultation with one of specialist Physiotherapists via video or phone.

Your initial consultation will involve an in depth history taking of your presenting problem or injury, understanding any contributory factors impacting on your presentation and communicating the next steps. During the assessment, your physiotherapist will have an in depth look at how you move, often asking you to do some specific movements or tests, to better help understand the source of your complaint.

Your physiotherapist will be able to help you understand your symptoms, providing advice and education alongside a rehabilitative exercise plan if applicable, with easy to follow instructions, accessible any time or anywhere via our portal.  Your goals for your recovery will be at centre of your treatment plan, with your physiotherapist working closely with you to ensure your recovery is on track and progressing your treatment plan accordingly.

How can office workers benefit from virtual physiotherapy?

Office workers often benefit greatly from virtual physiotherapy, as it gives them the ability to communicate with an experienced medical professional about problems which may be having a big impact on their lives. Accessing virtual physiotherapy promptly enables them to start their treatment plan and adapt their lifestyle to get the most advantageous response from their bodies and help stop future problems from arising. Accessing virtual physiotherapy also means that instead of having to take time off work to attend a face to face appointment, the patient is able fit it their sessions around their workload on a day and time that is convenient for them.

Desk based exercises such as these are good place to start to get your body moving.


Interested in adding physio sessions to your employee/member wellbeing policies? Our virtual service offers quick, easy access to a highly qualified Physiotherapist via a video link without needing a GP referral. Click here for more.


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