IWD2023: Meet Natasa Janicic Kahric

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we’re celebrating and introducing key women here at Teladoc Health UK, without whom our virtual healthcare delivery wouldn’t be possible.


 #IWD2023 | Meet Natasa Janicic Kahric, Associate Professor of Endocrinology at Medstar Georgetown Hospital


What are your qualifications?
  • MD
  • PHD


Why did you choose your specialty/job role?

I always had interest in endocrinology since medical school. My PhD was also related to endocrinology topic, consume in one metabolism.

What’s the most interesting/memorable case you’ve been involved in your career?

I am being involved in variety of cases, including pituitary, diabetes, thyroid and adrenal disease. And most memorable case has probably been on my boss cases involving neonate with elevated thyroid hormone levels.

What do you most enjoy about working for Teladoc Health?

I find the word for Teladoc intellectually challenging. While I am helping, providing second medical opinion, at the same time, I am constantly including my own knowledge.

How do you think that patients can benefit from the Expert Medical Opinion service?

I don’t think that many patients don’t benefit from this kind of service.

Are you involved in any other organisations or charity work?

I am involved many activities in my area.

What is the professional achievement you’re most proud of?

Proud of being able to see the patient.

Tell us about yourself

Outside of medicine I like music, dancing and playing basketball.



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